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An independent home inspector is completely objective.   Buyers want to know that a home is safe, structually and mechanically sound, and free of health risks.  The safety and security of our family and loved ones is the most important thing to every individual.  Every home has the potential to have safety issues.  It is critical to discover these issues as soon as possible and get them corrected. These issues could be in any of the components of the house (electrical, HVAC, gas lines or plumbing).

Our home inspector’s visual evaluation will provide a solid foundation of knowledge about the home, its components and systems. In addition to reporting any deficiencies or potential failures, our home inspector will include maintenance tips and other information to help you protect your investment.

Our comprehensive home inspection includes visual evaluation of nearly 400 different items that affect the safety, condition and value of a home.  Before you Buy you will want answers to these important questions before entering into a transaction:

    • Is the home safe to live in?
    • Is everything operational at the time of the inspection?
    • Is the home structually and mechanically funtional.
    • Are there deficiencies or signs of potential failure?
    • Are components installed ina professional manner?
    • Should small things be repaired or replaced now to prevent large expenses in the future?

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